what is pseudo-realism?

In mathematics and theoretical physics, a pseudoreal representation is a group representation that is equivalent to its complex conjugate, but that is not a real representation.

The same idea when grafted in the field of art, it implies the combination of unreal abstract elements which together make a comprehensible realist representation. In the works of pseudo-realist artist Devajyoti Ray, objects are not fully defined in their true elements. the characters

are often without proper countenance, and the colours are often off-beat and abstract. Yet as the composition takes shape, these myriad abstract elements give rise to a comprehendible scenario

Pseudorealism was however first used as a term to describe the films of 21st century which use heavy special effect,so much so that they look real. Today however the word has become more generic and refers to almost any media imagery  where  the unreal is represented in such a way that they look real.

Pseudoreal imagery is the order of the day in 21st century. The impact of these pseudoreal representations is so acute on the minds of the viewers that they are increasingly being used for propaganda of almost all kinds



Pseudo-real art wok of artist Devajyoti Ray

Pseudorealism is thus a part of literature of our times as well as the a regular feature of global politicking. In days to come it is to continue in increasing glory.



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