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Pseudorealist Art is a new style of Art that tries to use the essential elements of pseudorealism as is prevalent in the films and other forms of visual imagery of the 21st century.


In Mathematics a pseudoreal representation is a group representation that is equivalent to its complex conjugates but is yet not a real representation.

In terms of Art, if a group of abstract elements creates an image that is unreal and yet renders a believability that is normally associated with realism then we can call it pseudorealist.

Pseudorealist art or pseudoreal art essentially involves the use of abstract surreal shapes, geometric symbols, which do not have any specific meanings but which become meaningful in the context of the whole work of art. Another essential element of pseudoreal art is the use of offbeat colors, which may not be appropriate for a realsitic portrayal of the subject matter or may even be inappropriate for the mood of the painting. Yet such offbeat colours are used in pseudoreal works in such a way that they render both believability and the requisite mood.



 An example of Pseudoreal Art

Celebrated Artist Devajyoti Rayís works often show offbeat use of colors. In this work, he has used blue color for the face of the man, while his body is in pink and moss-green. Such offbeat colors however do not lead to any loss of balance.  




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