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Mrinal Sen was born on 14th of 1923 in Bangladesh. Later he came to Calcutta and studied Physics. He was always interested in films. However, for some time he worked as a medical representative. Later he again returned the film world as audio technician and began his film career. His first film came up in 1953.    


His next film was Neel Akasher Nichey. It received moderate success. His third film was Bishey Sharavan which was a film with heavy political message. It got immediate success and gave him international exposure. Later came  his film Bhuvan Shome which began ‘New Cinema’ in the Indian film scenario.

It is in the context of his political leanings that pseudo-real elements enter his films. Unlike Satyajit Ray or Ritwik Ghatak, Sen had not always showed the characters in a realistic set up. His films are full of montages and sudden jerks with still frames. These create an environment required to state a political idea.



Mrinal Sen

Mrinal Sen's films show high degree of pseudo-real elements which however are unique to Sen's original language of cinematic-naration

He has received awards like Padma Bhusan ,Dada Saheb Pkalke Award in 2005, Commandeur de l'ordre des Arts et letters from the French Government to just name a few.

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A Secene from Mrinal Sen's Film

A Scene from a Mrinal Sen Film

A Scene from a Mrinal Sen's Film