Anthology of Contemporary Indian Art Notes on famous Indian Artists and their Art work. Anthology of Folk Indian Art and Indian Tribal Art. Rare photographs and free downloads.

Indian Painting                                 Find the best of Indian Folk art paintings in this collection from various regions of India. We feature Madhubani or Mithila paintings from Bihar, Patachitra from Orissa, Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, Kalighat and Jamini Roy paintings from West Bengal 

Exotic India                                                                                                              Online store for Indian art, offering miniature paintings, Gemstone Beads and Sterling Silver Jewelry, Ethnic Saris, Batik art, Folk art, Brass and Stone Statuary, Tibetan Buddhist art, and more 

Ganges India Art Store                                                                                      You can view Indian miniature paintings, batik art and folk art and tribal art. Also find Hindu sculptures and statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses - brass statues, wood sculptures, miniature wooden statues 

Pseudorealist Artists of Bengal  Analytical study of Pseudorealist Art, Artists of India and genres of art


Home Décor Items and Home Accessories                                                          Here you can find all kinds of home decor items and home accessory items for your interior decoration needs. These Brass home accessories are carefully crafted by artists and can be used as gift items as well. Wrought iron home decoration items can also be found here.                                                         

Abstract Art - Contemporary Paintings and prints by Lynne Taetzsch Abstract Art: Contemporary modern art by New York artist Lynne Taetzsch, including original paintings and prints as well as articles on understanding abstract art and selecting art for your home.

Art of Devajyoti Ray Devajyoti Ray is one of India's youngest artists who have made it to the top of Indian Art Scene. the site gives a glimpse of many such artists.


Ethnic Indian Art ethnic Indian Art at is best. also features important Indian Artists like Ray


Site on Artist Devajyoti Ray a showcase of artist Devajyoti Ray's works


Book Rags: Biography, Art News, Literature  Guide to important Indian Artists, Literary Figures. Devajyoti Ray is an up and coming………..


Telegraph India: Eastern India’s largest selling daily.


Bangla Live : News and Views from Bengal Devajyoti Ray is the new face of Indian art in all its vibrancy. A look at the artists’ latest creations


Online Reference for Galleries, Original Art, Crafts and Design  pseudorealism is a new style of art which is fast gaining popularity. Popularised by famous Indian Artist Devajyoti Ray, it is however a post-cursor of art styles of Paul Cadmus…..











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Pseudorealism and Indian Literature 

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