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Pseudo-realist elements had been a feature of Indian literature since time immemorial. The weaving of myth into history can be seen in almost all the great works of Indian Literature. It is still not known if characters like Ram and Krishna ever existed, but in ever increasing intricacies grafted through the ages into their stories, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata have developed now into sophisticated epics describing life which could not have existed at a time when the characters are supposed to have existed in flesh and blood.


Examples of such imaginative description of plots and characters is also found in the later day works of almost all Indian languages. Though such works do show the use of the abstract and the unreal, but juxtaposed in such a way so as to render some kind of believability to the plot, pseudo-realism as a concept in India had developed only recently.

The term is more applicable probably to the new Indian literature of the 21st century. In many of these works we see the use of pure fantasy and fantastic description of characters, plots and situations which do not quite be called Magic realist and yet they do not present themselves as realism either.


 OV Vijayan

OV Vijayan’s the Legend of Khasak is another example of imaginative descriptions, which have been woven into the main plot in a fashion that renders it a pseudo-real aura.

In fact pseudo-realism is now a way of life. Media created images with the aid of modern technological tools often make it difficult for the viewer to identify the real from the pseudo-real. Pseudo-realist imagery is also used in the political propaganda of almost all hues. And now there is pseudo-real Art too.

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