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Guru Dutt was born in Karnataka in 1925. His initial education was in Calcutta and later he joined the dance troop of Pundit Uday Shankar. Later he came to Mumbai to join Prabhat Studio. It is here that he got his first break as a choreographer in the film Hum ek Hain (1946). His first film as a director was Baazi (1951) under the banner of Navketan owned by Dev Anand who was the hero as well of the film.


However his next film Aar Par released in 1954 established his genius as a director. His films Mr. and Mrs 55, Pyaasa and Kaagaz ke phool which followed were even greater hits. He not only directed his later films but also produced and acted in some of them. Some of them are Kaagaz ke phool, Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam,

Chaudhivi ka Chand, Suhagan, Sanjh aur Savera, Bahurani, Sautela Bhai .

     He died in the year 1964 at the age of 39.



Guru Dutt

Guru Dutt's Movies were romantic and always bordering on melancholy. the plots were artificila and yet they had immense apeal

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Dev Anand in a Guru Dutt Film

Wahida Rehman in Guru Dutt's Film

Another of Guru Dutt's Movie