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Devajyoti Ray, born in 1974 is one of the youngest Artists of our times. He is credited with the introduction of Pseudorealism in Indian Art. Ray’s brand of Pseudorealism involves the depiction of regular scenes from everyday life, treated in an offbeat manner.


Thus in Ray’s works realistic themes are arrived at through the use of abstract symbols and offbeat color-scheme. This style of Art is though not new, what is novel about Ray’s works is the open declaration of Pseudorealism as the reigning style

Pseudorealism which is associated with the created media imagery of the 21st century is the order of the day. Political Groups of almost all hues take recourse to pseudoreal imagery and pseudoreal propaganda. It is in this context that Ray becomes significant.


 Devajyoti Ray

Devajyoti Ray’s works show vibrant colors that bear resemblance to cyber-Art and modern imagery in general. Yet Ray’s works are more than just mere images.

Another Aspect of Ray’s work is the modernist vibrancy which makes Ray’s works identifiable with 21st century non-fine Art imagery in general.  


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Pseudorealist Art of Devajyoti Ray

Painting by Devajyoti Ray

Devajyoti Ray's Work









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