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G. Aravindam was born in Kerala. He began his career in the early 1960ís as a cartoonist in the journal Matrubhoomi. His cartoon series Cheriya Manushyarum Valya Lokavum (Small Men and the Big World) became very popular with the readers all over Kerela.

      His film career began in 1974 with the film Uttarayanam. Films in the former part of his career had a strong influence of spiritualism of satirist Sanjayan and the mystic paintings of K C S Pankcker. His film career spans to about 15 years. Films made by him were based on various subjects starting from contemporary issues to mythical stories to legends to plain and simple history.


Aravindan directed many movies including Uttarayanam, Kanchan Seeta, Thampu Kummatty, Estheppan, Pokkuveyil, Chidambaram, Oridhatu,  Unni,Vasthuhara. His last film was Vasthuhara (1990).

    Aravindan died on 16th January, 1991.



Aravindan had developed an unique style of social commentary, which was used in his films. This creative use of films to tell a statement without sounding created is very akin to what is today dubbed as pseudo-realism.

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